All of our small group, hour long classes are a combination of Reformer and Springboard. Pick the class level that’s right for you. 



This class is designed to introduce you to the basic elements of Pilates and move you through the beginner Pilates exercises. Pilates is an education about what your body is designed to do and how you can take full advantage of it's awesome capabilities. Learn how to flex, extend, rotate and side bend to support your body in almost any situation. It's also an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the Pilates equipment and what it has to offer. More advanced practitioners are encouraged to visit a beginner class frequently to deepen their understanding of the work.



Once an understanding of the basic principles of Pilates are understood and the beginner exercises have been achieved - it's time to kick it up a notch. Intermediate Pilates is where we come to push ourselves a little harder and discover where our strengths and weaknesses really lie. This class offers an opportunity to begin to shine in your abilities and enjoy the confidence it brings. It is also a golden opportunity to be attentive in the areas in which you want to improve (read: do the stuff  you don't like - and then do it some more!!). Enjoy how your body feels after an hour of play and discovery.

Do not be intimidated - be inspired!



Advanced Pilates can offer some of the most rewarding moments in your Pilates  journey - and also some of the most humbling. Advanced is where we come to unleash our inner beast. We have an excellent understanding of our bodies and know our limitations. Expect exercises that require full body immersion. Expect to have to try something a few times before getting it "right". Expect to enjoy the moments of "failure" as much as your "successes". This is not the class to compare yourself to others. Instead,  come with the mindset of challenging yourself to the fullest and then basking in the satisfaction that comes with knowing you gave it your all.


Cardio Blast!

It’s here!!

Cardio is a very important aspect of our overall health regimen, one that Pilates alone does not always address - enter the Pilates Jump Board! A desire to burn calories is suggested for this fun, high energy yet lo-impact workout. The Jump Board is a great way to get your heart rate up while still being able to integrate the Pilates principles into all that you do. Jumping is also a great way to get the look of long, lean legs! Jumping requires you to extend and stretch the muscles of your legs with each jump, allowing you to really feel your muscles working in both directions. Use of the springboard and other props may also be included in any class to further enrich your jumping experience. 

*A good understanding  of Pilates basics is helpful but not required for Jump Board classes


*Please note we have a strict 24hr cancellation policy for all classes and private sessions.