Flying Squirrel is a fully equipped, boutique Pilates Studio located in the heart of the East Village.

We offer group equipment classes along with private, one-on-one instruction for individuals who prefer a more tailored workout.

Private sessions are also appropriate if you are recovering from an injury or otherwise require special attention.

We aim to provide a safe environment for our students to have fun, learn and explore the relationship between body and mind through the use of the Pilates method.  



Meet the Instructors...

Here at Flying Squirrel we take pride in our diverse staff of quality instructors. We encourage you to take advantage of the variety of unique expertise they have to offer. Come by today, our teachers are waiting for you!


Danielle King, Owner

Christy McCabe, Instructor

Kyle Rostan, Instructor

Jessie Young, Instructor

Hannah Flam, Instructor

Vanessa Nandram, Instructor

Dakota Rooney, Instructor

Angela Mariani, Instructor